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Hey Kids, it's time for dinner!

Think back to when you were a kid, all you wanted to do was play outside with friends and never go inside, at least until it was time for dinner! Something we always heard Nan say was, “Hey Kids, it’s time for dinner!”. Hearing this brings us right back to what we were doing when she’d say it: the times of playing tag, riding bikes, or playing hide-and-seek before dinner. Back then, the only thing that could bring kids inside was dinner time or when the street lights came on.

While guests are dining at Nan and Pop’s Kitchen, we want our guests to feel how we do when we hear that phrase. Those feelings of comfort, warmth, and family togetherness, are what we want our guests to feel. All of our meals are hand cooked and most recipes have been passed down from generation to generation, giving guests the comfort of a home cooked meal from our home at Nan and Pop’s Kitchen.

Nan and Pop’s Kitchen is open all day, everyday from 8 AM-9 PM, closed on Sundays. We have a wide selection of menu options, including gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan options to make sure we have something for everyone. Come and dine with us, kids! It’s our pleasure to serve you.

Head over to our website to see our full menu!

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