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1950's Christmas Traditions!

Everyone has their own Christmas traditions they love! Traditions are important to bring families together and have been passed down from generation to generation. From the way the Christmas tree was decorated to Christmas dinner to your favorite holiday activities, traditions are important to your family.

A popular Christmas tradition in the 1950’s was attending Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. Many people still attend Midnight Mass today, but families never missed it! Everyone would put on their best clothes, and head to church for mass. There would be so many people, there would have to be folding chairs in the aisles to fit everyone! Did you and your family attend Midnight Mass in the 50’s?

Do you remember Bubble Lights? They were a very popular Christmas tree decoration in the 50’s! Once hung, the lights would “bubble” once the liquid inside hit a certain temperature, how neat! To many, these lights were passed down from parents and grandparents and became a much cherished Christmas tree decoration.

It’s not Christmas without a big family dinner! In the 50’s families lived close to each other so the holiday’s were a time when everyone came together. Grandparents, uncles, aunts, third cousins; everyone came to Christmas dinner! Everyone also wore their most festive clothes. Everyone was dressed in their best clothes to celebrate, even the Christmas tree!

Nan and Pop’s Kitchen is celebrating Christmas in July through July 30th! Stop by and see our fully decorated dining room and support @kellys_kidz toy drive with a toy donation. Enjoy our Turkey Dinner and pumpkin pie everyday! We have daily specials, cookies for every table, activities for the kids, and more. We’re open daily from 8 AM-9 PM, closed on Sundays. Stop by and celebrate Christmas in July with us!

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