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Explore the Origins of Our Most Popular Dishes!

At Nan and Pop’s Kitchen we have many dishes made from our own recipes, including some of the classics! Did you ever wonder how or why dishes are made? Who decided to put chicken and waffles together? Why put Malt in your milkshake? We have the answers!

Chicken and waffles…There are a few theories about where chicken and waffles originated, but most give credit to the Pennsylvania Dutch. This recipe has changed over the years and the popular combination in the 1950’s was creamed chicken and cornmeal waffles! At Nan and Pop’s our Chicken and Waffles is a hand breaded, bone in chicken, breaded in our special recipe seasoning, fried to golden and crispy, served over a fluffy waffle with a drizzle of spicy honey glaze.

If Malt comes from a cereal grain, then why add it to a milkshake? When the malt is made into a powder and added to a milkshake, it enhances the flavor, making the milkshake even better! Malts were so popular by the 1950’s that every restaurant, and even drug stores were selling them! Do you remember grabbing a malt from the local 5 and 10?

Nan and Pop’s Kitchen is located at 401 E Wildwood Ave just off the boardwalk. We’re open everyday from 8AM-9 PM starting June 22nd, and will remain closed on Sundays. Stop by to try some of these classics!

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