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Closed on Sundays

At Nan and Pop’s Kitchen, we have three important foundations to our business; family, faith, and community. When visualizing this restaurant, our family knew we had to showcase our roots and the vital parts of our life. There is nothing more important to us than these foundations and we know making them pillars of our business is the best route for us.

We will be closed on Sundays, every Sunday, and hope this reminds families to take a minute and enjoy time together. Too many times we are in a rush in this fast paced world and we forget to just relax and enjoy the simplicity of life. Nan and Pop’s Kitchen wants to take our guests back in time where “family time” was the focus of life.


We are a family owned and operated business and we want families to enjoy our restaurant. Our goal is to provide quality meals with that feeling of warmth and “home”. There’s many ways this value will be portrayed in our business that we cannot wait to share. Being steps from the Wildwood boardwalk that’s filled with family attractions, we know our location is fantastic for families. We encourage parents to visit Nan and Pop’s Kitchen to step back into time and let the kids experience “the good old days”.


Our family takes pride in our commitment to God and our Christian values. We enjoy our Sundays as a family and want to provide our staff time to be with their families, whether it’s a day for rest and religion or just a simple day off. Decades ago, businesses were closed on Sundays and Wildwood relaxed from the hustle and bustle of being a shore resort town. We hope to preserve those traditions at Nan and Pop’s Kitchen.


Local businesses are only as strong as the community. We are firm believers that all residents and visitors should work together to make Wildwood a friendly place. During the pandemic, we saw families in need of food, clothing, and shelter. This pandemic isn’t over and there are people in need consistently. We will be offering meals to anyone that needs it, at no charge, with no questions asked. Our plan is to install a community fridge that will support the needs of the community. We also look forward to supporting local charitable organizations and events through gift certificate and product donation.

We look forward to opening this May and cannot wait to share all the fine details of Nan and Pop’s Kitchen with you! Take a drive by Ocean and Wildwood Aves to see our changing storefront over the next few weeks!

Looking for a job? Contact us or stop by 401 E Wildwood Ave for an application!

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